Homemade Granola

A few months ago I discovered an amazing Instagram account called Livingthehealthychoice. It’s run by Pauline who has discovered her own way of healthy eating and displays her recipes on her website http://livingthehealthychoice.com/. I recently tried the chocolate granola recipe and it turned out fantastically. Making it was very easy and I never thought it would taste as good as it does. The fact that it’s homemade and doesn’t have tons of sugar in it makes it even better. Now my mornings start off with a bowl of homemade chocolate granola with almond milk or yogurt and fruit on top. I am definitely going to try more of her recipes very soon and recommend checking out her website and Instagram account to all food lovers out there. 



A Swedish Summer Night’s Dream

Most people probably don’t think of Sweden when they think about summer and the perfect summer holidays.

I think that you just have to experience a Swedish summer to fall in love with it. The first summer I spent there was in 2008 and I instantly fell in love with the country and have been back every summer since. Every time I’ve been there, the weather has been fantastically. Okay, I have only been in the middle part of the country and there have been some rainy days but, coming from northern Germany, everything that’s above 20 degrees and no constant rain is considered perfect summer weather.

I absolutely love the Swedish nature with its many trees and lakes and cute deer. The lakes are perfect to take refreshing baths or go canoeing. If you want to go on a bike ride you have the woods in all their green calmness. But the by far most fascinating things are the sunsets. They are quite late during the summer because there is such a short dark period throughout the night. However, they are utterly beautiful and fascinating!


Bella Italia

During my spring break me and my friend went to Italy, had a lovely time and I thought I’d share this vacation. We visited Venice and Verona, which are both beautiful cities. We arrived in Venice during the time of carnival and got to experience that cultural event.

Our very first day already was an adventure. After we had brought our suitcases into our little room in Mestre (which is a city close to Venice) and showered we were curious and ready to explore the city. Going to the bus stop and getting on the right bus was easy but then I had to ask the bus driver for two bus tickets to Venice. Since I am half Italian I do understand everything but I don’t speak very well. Nevertheless, I managed to say the right thing but then the driver said that he didn’t have any tickets left and my heart fell 20 flight of stairs because I thought he was going to kick us off the bus. However, since it wasn’t our fault that he didn’t have any tickets left and we probably looked quite desperate he let us through without paying. After ten minutes we arrived in Venice and started exploring. Just walking through the city without a plan was, in my opinion, the best decision to make because we saw so many different and unique places we otherwise would not have seen. The next days we spent similarly just walking through the city and watching people in different costumes. Modern costumes to authentic historical Venetian robes – everyone wore beautiful masks. As neat as the masks were, seeing a person in a small alley wearing a mask underneath which you couldn’t see a person’s facial features is probably one of the most spooky things ever. Nevertheless, it was very impressive to see the different masks, which all were a unique piece of art. The exhaustion by the end of every day because you’ve walked so many miles was definitely worth it. Eating pizza next to the Canale Grande or drinking coffee in little hidden cafes was what gave us little pauses and made us realize and appreciate where we were and what we were experiencing. I felt like those moments were the ultimate fit to the definition of Wanderlust – at least a small amount of it. Being in a different country, embracing it’s culture and simply enjoying life.

On our last day we decided to take the train to Verona. It took us over two hours to get there but once we were there and had bought a map we were ready to take over the city. Goal number one for the day was seeing the Arena. We made our way into the center of the city and passed the arena several times before actually realizing that it was right next to us. With that knowledge we decided to go inside. The six euros we paid to get in payed of completel. The ancient arena was so impressive and the gorgeous weather made it a thousand times prettier as well. Walking along the ranks people had been sitting on hundreds of years ago listening to Verdis operas was a once in a lifetime experience. After we had done that we went to Juliette’s house to see the legendary balcony. On our way there we came across the most popular shopping street in Verona and then, of course, did some shopping before getting to the house. The little atrium where the balcony is was very lovely and a place you would want to see if you go to Verona.

All in all this trip to Italy was tremendous and an experience I wouldn’t have want to miss out on.


The Famous Arena in Verona, Italy.


Juliette’s Balcony

Arena Costume Venezia Venezia