A Swedish Summer Night’s Dream

Most people probably don’t think of Sweden when they think about summer and the perfect summer holidays.

I think that you just have to experience a Swedish summer to fall in love with it. The first summer I spent there was in 2008 and I instantly fell in love with the country and have been back every summer since. Every time I’ve been there, the weather has been fantastically. Okay, I have only been in the middle part of the country and there have been some rainy days but, coming from northern Germany, everything that’s above 20 degrees and no constant rain is considered perfect summer weather.

I absolutely love the Swedish nature with its many trees and lakes and cute deer. The lakes are perfect to take refreshing baths or go canoeing. If you want to go on a bike ride you have the woods in all their green calmness. But the by far most fascinating things are the sunsets. They are quite late during the summer because there is such a short dark period throughout the night. However, they are utterly beautiful and fascinating!



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